December, 2014 - Family Fun with STEM

STEM School

On the evening of December 8th, Northridge families poured in to the gym to experience the second annual STEM and Family Fun Night. Students, parents, and teachers alike took part in a variety of engaging and often rigorous activities.  

Parents spoke with members of the STEM Student Leadership Team (SSLT), and shared their struggles with homework in order to help students develop empathy in the Design Thinking Process.  Families worked on crafts in the center of the gym, making ornaments and small gifts.  Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Wolf led a science design challenge, making...SNOW!  Technology was showcased in a variety of ways, from Hour of Code workstations to Vex Robotics demonstrations, which kept students engrossed in exploring, experimenting, and learning.  Parents worked with their children in engineering by creating Cubelets robots and building structures with Keva Planks.  Finally, students exercised their math muscles by working on iReady Math and playing a math dice game to practice their computation skills.

STEM and Family Fun Night proved to be a night of celebration and collaboration.  It was a great way to kick off the Holiday Season!