Cubelets Come to 4th Grade

STEM School

Alpine's 4th grade students and teachers are enjoying a unit using Cubelets.  The unit, collaboratively designed by Christie Veitch of Modular Robotics and Axel Reitzig, Alpine STEM Coordinator, explores the following 4th grade science concepts:  classification, traits and characteristics, adapatations and habitats.  The tool is Cubelets, a distributive robotics system that allows students to physically explore these concepts and apply their knowledge in new, interesting ways.  Students studied these topics in the fall; this unit allows them to review them by applying them to the new context of robotics.  They first reflected on how we compare and contrast things by identifying and classifying traits; they then designed original Cubelet creatures to demonstrate this knowledge.  Finally, they will participate in a capstone design challenge by designing and building an original habitat for an original Cubelet creature.