CU-Boulder GK-12 Fellow Inspires Skyline Students with Research

STEM School

Brian Straight, one of Skyline's GK-12 fellows, taught students about what is currently going on in the world of robotics.  Not only did he touch on biomedical engineering, humanoid robots, drones, and robots in space, he also taught the sophomores about his own personal research.  Students learned how he analyzed forces exerted on a person in a wheelchair as they were being pushed in an effort to create a more supportive chair in the future during his time as a mechanical engineering graduate student.  Students also got to learn about another project that Brian has worked on, a curb-climbing wheelchair, and see a time lapse video of Brian and his colleague testing it out. 

Having Brian and Valerie Tetro (our other GK-12 fellow) in the classroom on a regular basis has enabled our STEM students to learn more about college and graduate school.  They are resources for our students in both engineering and post-high school education opportunities.  We have been so privileged at Skyline to have a partnership with CU-Boulder that has provided us with these fellows since the inception of the STEM Academy.  This partnership also extends to the guaranteed admissions opportunity for our Academy students.



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