Computer Science Education Week at Fall River

STEM School

The Fall River community will be participating in Computer Science Education Week December 8th-12th.  Students will be participating in computer coding activities in computer lab and their classes as part of "Hour of Code"- an international promotional event to introduce students to computer science.   This inititiave is designed to give every student the opportunity to explore computer programing.  Students watch an introductory inspirational video about the importance of computer programming.  These videos feature prominent men and women in the computer science community and their stories of learning how to write code.  Students are encouraged to "give it a try!", and they then have their choice of practicing their coding in different game formats. 

In addition, information about Computer Science Education Week as well as local events open to the public will be shared with families via our newsletter and PTO. Several parents and caregivers have shared their expertise in computer science with students at Fall River, and have expressed positive regard that students are having an opportunity to explore the world of computer science in more depth.  

In addition to the focus on computer science and coding the week of December 8-12th, students at Fall River have the opportunity to experience the fruits of computer science via working with Cubelets, participating in Robotics club, and learning from professionals in the community throughout the school year.  

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