Columbine Family STEM Night

STEM School

On November 6th, Columbine held a Family STEM Night. Each grade level hosted a design challenge and families travelled throughout the school to complete them all. Kindergarten teachers challenged families to construct the best giant paper airplane, while 3rd Grade teachers challenged families to test various types of paper airplanes in order to find the design that travelled the farthest. 4th Grade teachers taught families about electricity and helped them build simple circuits. 

With 5th Grade teachers, families learned about harnessing wind to create power. To do this, they prototyped and tested wind sails. After testing, students recorded their results in order to evaluate and determine the best designs. 1st and 2nd grade teachers challenged families to explore different types of balance and motion. Actvities at those stations included marshmallow and toothpick towers to explore stability, craft stick catapults to learn about trajectory, and marble runs plus wheels and axles to examine paths of motion. In the cafeteria, everyone had the chance complete the Lego Club challenges. 


Finally, in additon to all of the challenges going on throughout the building, families also had a chance to investigate objects and materials with digital microscopes and play with Cubelets to learn more about robotics.

It was a busy STEM-filled night, and a lot of fun was had by all those who attended!


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