Being a "STEM Teacher"

STEM School

As schools in our district increasingly see the importance of STEM integration, we begin to look more closely at what it means to be a “STEM Teacher”.  Taking the philosophy of STEM and turning into the practice of STEM is no small feat.  Here at Alpine, our teachers take this task seriously, working hard to learn, implement and integrate STEM practices into our daily learnings.  Recently, teachers spent time developing their understanding and efficacy in using STEM practices.  We focused on the following practices and how we might incorporate them more systematically into our classroom environment.

·      Integration:  How might we dissolve boundaries between content areas in our lessons and classrooms?

·      Problem Solving:  How might we present problems and design challenges as learning opportunities?

·      Skills and Competencies:  How might we push students’ learning beyond that which is measurable?

·      Personalized Learning:  How might we give students more say in what and how they learn?

·      Connection:  How might we help build relationships with people, places and professions?