Alpine Wins at the Vex IQ State Tournament!

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Congratulations to the Alpine Vex IQ Teams who competed in the Vex IQ Elementary State Tournament in Loveland last weekend! We sent 6 teams of students to participate in this collaborative competition. We competed in the Teamwork Challenge in which two teams collaborate on the playing field in order to score points by manipulating the field blocks with their robot. In addition, teams had the opportunity to participate in several other competitions as well. Students could compete in the the Skills Challenge, where they tested out their robot's skills as compared to other teams. They could compete in the Programming Challenge, where they were responsible for programming their robot to complete specific tasks. Finally, they were able to compete in the STEM Research Challenge, where students shared a project with the judges and discussed how they used STEM practices to guide their learning.  

Alpine's "Team Cyborg" won the award for best STEM Research Challenge. They wowed the judges with their honesty, effort, collaboration, and communication skills used to complete their challenge. Way to go Owen and Erik!

Alpine's "Team Magneto" received the highest honor of all - The Excellence Award! This award is given to the team that shows best all around. Brianna, Ellie, and Griffin spent months collaborating on the design of their robot, troubleshooting when things did not go well, thinking critically about the problems they faced, and having fun doing it. They submitted a STEM Research Project, programmed their robot and entered the Programming Challenge, maintained an impeccable Design Notebook detailing all of their efforts, and were leaders and helped other teams work through their problems.  

As recipients of the Excellence Award, Team Magneto has been invited to the Vex IQ Elementary World Competition in Louisville, Kentucky. This means we are saving up for a road trip, some plane tickets for our Vex Teachers, and accommodations once we arrive. If you would like to make a donation to help us get to Worlds, please let us know! We are accepting donations through our Gofundme account at   You can also make donations directly to Alpine Elementary School. Please contact me, Kristen Brohm, STEM Coordinator, at to donate.  

Thanks and we'll see you in Kentucky!

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