Alpine STEMapalooza

STEM School

This summer, over 80 students took part in Alpine’s 3rd annual STEMAPALOOZA. Students entering 1st-5th grades were invited to join the fun. During the three 2-week sessions, students met in their respective grade level groups (1-2 and 3-4) to explore different topics.  

Using some old, tried and true toys, the students spent their days working on design challenges and learning. Many of the students had played with Hot Wheels before, but not on the level that we used them in class. Students worked collaboratively to create a track that would let a car drive the farthest without human help. After a straight track was created, teams then needed to add loops to the equation. These activities led to a deeper understanding of speed, angles, momentum and most of all fun!

iMovie “feature length films” and Trailers also extended our learning. Students were introduced to the app and were let loose. The one requirement- create a commercial for Stemapalooza. Students were very original and created many different kinds of movies--book reports, sports videos, and action movies to name just a few. The “Stemapaloozers” came up with many ways they could transfer their knowledge of iMovie from “just a fun app” to ways it could be used in the classroom to extend their own learning. Some ideas included book reports, assessments to show learning, and presentations for different expos and exhibition.

Vex Robotics was a favorite part of the student’s day. Time was spent building, driving and competing. Many of the students involved were part of the Vex after school club. They were a great help to those that had never participated. Spheros, Ollies, Beebots and Cubelets rounded out our robotics adventures.

We wrapped up the last session on Tuesday, July 28th. Stemapalooza was a great success!  The students and teachers experienced so much!  Look for another great STEMAPALOOZA opportunity next summer!  We can’t wait!


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