3rd Annual Grizzly VEX Robotics Challenge

STEM School

On December 6th, 2014, Trail Ridge Middle school held their 3rd Annual Grizzly VEX Robotics Challenge. Thirty middle and high school teams from around Colorado gathered to compete in the Vex Robotics Competition - Skyrise. This all day event included qualifying and elimination rounds, a skills/programming field, and a judging room for teams to be interviewed with their engineering notebooks and robots. Also, in the Digital Commons, the Innovation Center’s Robotics Leadership Team organized hands on activities with Spheros, Cubelets, and Nao robots.


Trail Ridge Middle School had six teams participate in this event. Of the six, two teams placed in the top ten, 6356B (9th) and 6356D (7th). It was a great event for all, and a great place for collaboration. There were over 40 volunteers, from students to teachers to community members who work in the engineering field. Additionally, Trail Ridge Middle School, SVVSD’s Innovation Center, Westview Middle School, and Skyline High School all provided a robotics field for the competition.

To view the results of the competition, visit VEX’s event site here.