2nd Graders enhance their learning with Technology

The second grade students of Rocky Mountain learned a valuable lesson this week: learning can be enhanced by technology.

The set up was simple: make a parachute using string, stickers, a napkin and a paper clip. The students constructed their parachute in a uniform fashion. They went outside on a chilly fall morning to test out their project and learn about air resistance.

The best part of this lesson was that students used technology to document the process. Each group of three students had an iPad to capture video of the events. The students first tried dropping the parachute from arm level, then going up the stairs of an exterior building and finally over to a high point on the playground. When the students finished their experiements, they went inside to observe the trials on their iPad.

Upon further investigation, the students noticed that the parachute stayed in the air longer when the wind was blowing and when they dropped the parachute from a higher area. The parachute hit the ground faster if the chute did not fully deploy. At the end of the lesson, the students concluded that a smaller parachute has less air resistance and the gravity of the earth will pull the parachute down faster while a bigger parachute has more air resistance and will delay the effects of gravity.