2nd Annual STEM Family Design Night

The Indian Peaks STEM team collaborated to create this year’s design challenge. After considering different ideas about how we could improve various spaces at our school, we agreed that the Lost and Found was in need of improvement. That led us to create a design challenge around the question, “How might we improve our Lost and Found so that we can find objects quickly and easily?”

The teachers were provided with a lesson plan and video to help facilitate the challenge with their students. They introduced students to the challenge via the short video, which highlighted the need for improvements to our lost and found.  During class, students brainstormed ideas around this challenge.

The event took place October 2nd. After gathering in the gymnasium to watch a video introducing the challenge, parents and students went to classrooms to prototype their design ideas. The evening concluded with the participants sharing ideas and providing feedback about there designs.

It was another fun and exciting evening for those who participated in the design challenge and we look forward to next year’s event!