Trail Ridge STEM Commercial

Stem School

At Trail Ridge Middle School, every student takes a STEM elective class each quarter. Classes include Robotics, Video Game Design, Trail Ridge CSI, Cardboard Creations, iDesign, and many more! In our TRMS Advertising team course, students learn the basics of advertising and persuasion and use these skills to design marketing and advertising materials for our school. Students use a variety of media to to get their messages to the students of Trail Ridge... brochures, powerpoint presentations, movies, announcements, etc. In this way, students are able to use a variety of 21st century skills to express their thoughts and ideas to the school. 

The video shown below is a student-made commercial about the STEM elective classes offered at Trail Ridge. The students interviewed teachers, students, and administration to give a global view of our STEM approach through our variety of courses. These offerings will grow and change each year, right along with our students!  

This is a link to the short version of the video - the extended version can be viewed on our website at