Trail Ridge SSLT Visits the Innovation Center



The STEM Student Leadership Team (SSLT) from Trail Ridge Middle School took a field trip to the Innovation Center in Longmont, Colorado. No doubt that imagination ran rampant and creativity filled their minds as they saw, learned, and wondered about so much. From a demo of the Nao robot to watching Spheros roll around under human control, their minds were filled with innovative ideas and mindsets. Below you can read their reflections of a truly innovative field trip!

Ashley D

The most innovative thing I saw and did today was viewing and "playing" with the Nao robot (aka "Steve"). This robot can talk and move just by the commands programmed from the computer. We got to shake Steve's hand and he shook back! This robot speaks 17 different languages and has some pretty sweet dance moves. In under 30 seconds, the operator was able to program Steve to say, "Hello, Trail Ridge Middle School." There are a total of 5 Nao robots in our district and seeing one today made me realize how many things are possible, and that some things are not always as hard as may you think.

Logan O
The most innovative thing I saw at the Innovation Center was the Nao Robot. The Innovation Center has five of these robots. Our robot was Steve. Steve was able to stretch, walk, do karate, and talk to us. He was also able to interact with us by saying "Hello!" and asking us to shake his hand. These Nao Robots have helped students with special needs within the district. The Nao Robot was by far the most innovative and my favorite part of the IC visit.


Petra G
The most innovative item I saw today was the laser cutter. The laser cutter was very innovative because it was able to cut the TRMS symbol: Griswold, the bear. It was able to do this fast which makes it easy to do prototyping or anything else that needs to be done quickly. It was really cool to watch the machine make the bear right in front of our eyes on a wooden board! I think that the laser-cutting machine is a very useful piece of equipment.

Jessica L

The most innovative event that I experienced was learning about the tech lab at the Innovation Center. I thought it was really cool learning how high school students can take classes to be Apple certified. High school students can go to the Innovation Center and take classes like they would in a regular school day, which is really cool because here it is a lot more interactive than a regular learning environment. If you end up taking those classes in high school and you pass you can use all those skills to get a high paying job in college. The IC is a really cool place for more interactive learning.



Megan W
The thing I liked most was the laser cutter for the wood board. The symbol of Trail Ridge Middle School was really cool and was imprinted on the board. I thought that was the most fun thing because you can do different things with the laser cutter. For example you can imprint something into metal or a magnet or something else. Overall, the IC is a very interesting place to go for building and designing ideas.



Ayden Y
The most innovative thing I was a part of today was learning about the 3D printer and the two machines next to it. I think I am going to apply for a job at the IC because it is just so exciting and interesting. I think there are many cool pieces of technology here at the Innovation Center. The machinery here is a very interesting topic because you can do so many things with them. I would definitely like to come here again.


Marily M

The Comcast taping was the thing that I liked the most about our Innovation Center trip. I think that this was the coolest thing because I might get a chance to be on TV. I also think it was the coolest thing because people can have a chance to see what they do in the Innovation Center. I also think it is cool because the people of Longmont may not know what they do at the Innovation Center or that it even exists.



The most innovative item that we experienced today was the 3D printer and Laser printer. There was a specific situation where the IC received Japanese robot parts, but the washer size was too small. The workers here used the laser printer and the 3D printer to make washer pieces that fit the robot. From having a situation where the materials of the robot did not work, they were problem solvers and used lasers and scanners to make it work.


The most innovative thing here in the IC is the laser cutter. I really liked the laser cutter because it can nearly perfectly cut or engrave the piece you'rer working on. I also really liked the 3D printer because it made awesome replicas of really cool items like robot parts or other little toys and such. Spheros were also really amazing because you could control a little ball with an app and roll it around.







Tiffany S

The Spheros can be controlled by an app your device. They are programmed to do awesome things. There are competitions to see who is the best at controlling it. There are course additions to make the Sphero jump and other cool things. Finally, the Spheros light up and change color, they're really cool and fun to play with.


Andralyn M
One of the most innovative experiences today was the 3D printer and the laser printer. I thought it was really cool that they could 3D scan an object and then transfer the blueprint to a computer and then send it to the 3D printer that would print it out. This would mean that you would have two copies of the same object, which could really prove useful in certain circumstances. Another thing that was cool was the laser cutter in which they could engrave images or words on to a specific material. And last, but certainly not least, are the Nao robots that can interact with kids with special needs. Overall, the Innovation Center is extremely cool!

Abby S.
The most innovative experience of the whole center was the ideation process of our SSLT team. We took what we learned about STEM in the district and came together as a whole team to create something to better improve stem in our community at TRMS. This was the most innovative event because it was so great to see our young minds inspired by something so large inspired by something that will help us make a difference. I was so grateful to get to go to the Innovation Center and I was so pleased with my experience. We learned and saw so much that will help us better improve STEM in our school and make STEM better for all. Our team’s ability to ideate was the most innovative thing about our field trip.

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