Tired of hazardous conditions related to winter?

Well the students at Rocky Mountain have a product for you!

The students of second grade at Rocky Mountain Elementary have been learning all about weateher and its impact on humans, plants, and other organisms. During their studies, students contemplated some of the problems associated with the changing weather. They decided to ask their families how weather affects them. All of the students wrote some questions and brought them home to ask their families as part of their daily homework. When they came back, many of the students realized that winter weather brings on snow storms which can slow people down or even leave them stranded.

So, the students each chose a project to work on and gathered in groups to solve the issue. They brainstormed some of the ways in which they could help people in a storm travel safely and quickly. Many of the projects enlisted the help of flame throwers to melt the snow and ice and prevent accidents and runoffs. Others utilized spiky tires to gain traction or hammers to break up the ice. 

One of the most creative ideas from the students was to run pipes underneath the roadway that would carry hot water through them to heat up the pavement and melt the ice. Pumps could push the warm water through the pipes hours before snow is expected to avoid the buildup of snow, slush, and ice.

"Prototyping is my favorite because we get to build our idea." said Dulce in Mrs. Diaz's class. "Our students do a magnificent job working together and communicating to create a collaborative project. It's been a great process and is neat to see how well students are doing after going through the design thinking process a handful of times," replied second grade teacher Erika Andrews when asked how her students were doing.

In all, the students learned a snow plow load of information about weather, and had a great time working on an authentic Design Challenge.