Time Spent with Wild Birds in Paradise

Barr Lake Field Trip for Second Grade Indian Peaks was like spending time in a "Bird's Paradise."

 Friday, October 3, 2014 was a perfect Colorado autumn day...a crisp cool morning, warm afternoon, deep blue sky and the Indian Peaks Mountain Range in the distance brought close and beautiful with white snow from the night before. Each class left the bus and headed out in different directions walking "swiftly,"  as our Nature guide encouraged us to move, so we did not waste a moment.  We definitely did not want to waste a drop of precious time in this "Bird Sanctuary."  We participated in bird banding after the naturalists had netted wild birds to band, measured and decided if the birds would winter in Colorado or fly south.   Did you know that what a bird eats determines where they will spend the winter?  Perhaps you did, but do you know where to look for the fat on a wild bird to know if they survive the trip south?  Second graders do, and would be glad to share. We flew through a bird obstacle course to see if we would live to see another spring.  It was something we want our PE teacher to know about. One of our "Paradise moments" was when we sat with binoculars and observed our new feather friends writing and illustrating post cards the nature observatory would later mail for us.  It was very exciting and felt like, well, paradise for a day. Kindly submitted by: Lila Kennelly