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STEM Education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning. We transform teaching and learning by providing students with engaging, real-world learning experiences to emphasize connections between school, community and global society (SVVSD). At Timberline PK-8, we believe in STEM and inquiry-based learning. All students will build and apply skills in science, technology, engineering and math. In K-5 grades we integrate STEM into the student’s homeroom classes and they also attend a STEM Science class every day. In 6th-8th grades, the core subjects integrate STEM, students have a semester-long STEM elective, and students have an opportunity to choose four quarter-long STEM enrichment classes. As part of our philosophy, Timberline students learn the engineer’s design thinking process: empathy, define, ideate, prototype and feedback. The process enhances students' learning in critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration and character. As part of project-based learning, they use the process to create and design new products or experiences. They learn to make discoveries and ask questions in search of new understandings. Students become problem-solvers while thinking of others to make improvements to our world.

Contact information for the STEM Coordinators at Timberline PK8:

Jenn Crill: crill_jennifer@svvsd.org

Anthony Matthews: matthews_anthony@svvsd.org


Timberline PK-8 News

Timberline Pk-8 is offering a new STEM opportunity for students this year.

As part of a partnership with CU's Experiential Science Education Research Collaborative (Xsci), Timberline teachers have collaborated with local STEM professionals to develop projects for middle schoolers.

Students in K - 4th grae visited the STEM Lab in Febraury to learn more about engineers and motion.

Computer science week at Timberline was awesome! Students K - 8 were able to learn about computers, coding and robotics. All students went online to Hour of Code to practice their programming skills and also used some apps on the ipads.


Timberline PK8 had a fabulous Family Engineering Night. Students were able to show their parents how they are engineers by working with them on some engineering stations. The families received a passport and were able to participate in 8 different stations.


Math and science content were a major focus for this year's summer school

Robots are definitely part of the culture at Timberline PK8.

During the month of February, Timberline 8th graders who had met their first semester GPA goals got to attend a 9th grade Explorations in STEM class at Skyline High School. The class was in the middle of an architectural engineering home design project led by a Ph.D.

Robots were the buzz at the VEX IQ Robotics Competition Satur

"Coding is awesome!" was shouted by a group of 6th graders on their way from math class to lunch. Students all across the building agreed. Many students even earned their "Hour of Code" certificate from code.org.

In Mr. Thesenga's 8th grade physics class, students experienced a new way of being assessed. Instead of walking in and being handed a paper and pencil or a computer to log into, they took their seats at independent lab stations.

Timberline PK8 had the privilege of hosting a Colorado Department Education (CDE) visit on Nov. 20, 2014.

Six Timberline 8th grade students, their language arts teachers Ms. McIntyre and Ms. Hoelzer, and the college and career readiness counselor, Ms. March, led a session at the Colorado School Counselors Association conference on November 6, 2014.


Do you know what a robot does?

Timberline PK-8 was featured in the Longmont Times-Call for a 5K Walk 'N Roll FUNdrun designed by 7th and 8th grade students using the design thinking process, particularly focusing on the empathy phase.

Timberline PK-8 was proud to host the "Real World, Right Now - The next generation of middle level education" Symposium on Thursday, October 9, 2014, hosted by St Vrain Valley Schools, The Colorado Association of Middle Level Education, and The National Forum to Accelerate

University of Colorado College of Engineering students have partnered with Timberline's 4th-8th grade science teachers to bring engineering activities into the classroom and to expose students to the opportunities and careers available with an engineering degree.

 Students at Timberline are excited to extend what they've learned during the school day about computer programming and rob

The first day of STEM summer school on June 16, 2014 was a big success at Timberline PK-8.  Students explored what the study of science includes and created visualizations of their learning.

Timberline PK-8's first year was highlighted in an article in The Longmont Times-Call on May 5, 2014. The story also included recent changes that will allow the school to offer even more STEM opportunities for students starting next year.


Twenty local professionals, representing a wide variety of careers, came to Timberline PK-8 on Thursday April 24th to meet with the 8th graders.

Seven teams from Timberline PK-8 participated in the SVVSD Tech Fair held on Saturday April 19 at Skyline High School.  Congratulations to the three teams that received special recognition from the judges and earned "Big Byte" trophies for our school.


Timberline's 3rd graders had their first experience with robots in February using Cubelets from a local company, Modular Robotics.

8th graders at Timberline PK-8 are working on a year-long College and Career Readiness project.

In September, parents of our community came to Timberline to learn more about what STEM is in the school. We talked about what STEM is and how they will be able to see it in the classrooms.


Timberline PK-8 celebrated its Grand Opening on September 5, 2013. During the evening, we invited families to tour the STEM lab and visit stations with different mini design challenges. At many stations, it seemed like the parents were just as engaged as the kids.

Timberline's STEM Student Leadership Team had its first meeting on November 6. The team consists of 2 representatives from each grade level in 3rd through 8th grades. During the meeting, the students came up with working norms for the group, defined what STEM means at Timberline PK-8

SVVSD District is creating a STEM Calendar for the 2014 year.  Each elementary and middle school that is part of the Skyline Feeder System  will have a month in the calendar.

Timberline PK-8 Projects

On Wednesday August 24, Timberline 4th, 5th, and 8th graders had the privilege of working with Lynn Kaluzienski, a researcher at both the Sc

"Ooooooooh!" chorused the students in Mr. Thensenga's science class as they heard the crunch of an egg on on the concrete.

8th graders are currently studying similar shapes and proportional reasoning in math class.

Walk into the 8th grade science lab at Timberline Pk-8 and you will be surrounded by elements from The Periodic Table.

7th graders in Mr. Thesenga's life science class are exploring the structure of a cell.

Timberline is offering a new STEM class this quarter: Music Exploration. Students in Mr.

Being in middle school is tough. With so many new classes, supplies, books, and lockers, staying organized can be a problem.

This year in 6th grade students at Timberline spent their first math unit focusing on different study methods to learn about fractions.

The entire math department kicked off the 2015-2016 school year with a week of design challenges for their classes in order to establis

5th grade students at Timberline were learning about planetary science and rocketry with the use of literacy books, various&n

Timberline is one of the largest school in the district because of it's PK - 8 status.

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Mr. Sutyak is offering a new STEM elective this semester thanks to SeaPerch kits purchased using funds from the Race to the Top Grant.

2nd graders in Mrs. Sochia's class had been reading all about robots and what they do.

Students in Ms. Clark's 7th grade life science class were given a new kind of assessment for their human body systems unit.

In 8th grade science class, students were given a mixture of sand, sugar, copper, and iron filings and asked to design a way to separate all

Timberline 7th graders used their knowledge of fractions and ratios to design a scale model of themselves.

As part of their human body unit in science, 7th graders at Timberline learned about biomedical engineers and used empathy for tho

As part of their natural resources unit, students have researched the latest technology and designs being used to harness wind energy.

Students in 3rd - 5th grade at Timberline recently had a design challenge in their Science STEM Classes.

Timberline PK-8 is home to St. Vrain Valley School District's Newcomer Program for 6th through 8th graders.

As part of their unit on human body systems, 7th graders at Timberline PK-8 designed a protective coating for a pill that must pass through

6th graders learned about basic number properties, such as the Identity Property and the Zero Property, during their "Expressions and E

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In 8th grade math class, students were hard at work creating perfect squares of varying sizes and calculating the area of each.

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"Crime Scene Investigation" is a new STEM elective course being offered to 6th through 8th graders at Timberline PK-8 this year.

Peter Sutyak, a 6th through 8th grade STEM teacher, collaborated with the Antique Airplane Association of Colorado to develop an Engine

During their earth science unit, 5th graders simulated drilling through the layers of the Earth in search of oil.

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During a math unit on scales and ratios, Timberline 6th graders measured a field outside the school and worked through the design process to create a playground their fellow middle schoolers would enjoy.

St. Vrain Valley Schools held the second STEM Student Advisory Board Meeting at Skyline High School and the new Innovation Center. Student representatives from Alpine, Columbine, Fall River, Indian Peaks, Northridge, Rocky Mountain, Timberline, Trail Ridge all gathered to share their STEM experiences and learn from one another.

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Kindergartners learned about different shapes in the world and how to count to a beat.

English language learners in 7th and 8th grade used the design thinking process to create inventions that would solve problems they were hav

Timberline PK-8's Newcomers (6th-8th grade students who have been in the United States less than a year) completed a STEM design challen

In social studies, the sixth-graders designed their own continent after learning about human migration. They then had the design challenge of helping people find the perfect city to move to on this new continent. Students brainstormed why people move and what people look for in a new town or city.

During their math unit on graphing and data analysis, sixth graders surveyed other sixth graders to find out what their biggest problem was

First graders wanted to make sure their school was aware of the importance of recycling.

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