Third Grade Helps Design VEX IQ Challenge

In the News section of the Northridge STEM page, you'll read about our first annual VEX IQ Challenge we hosted on February 6th.  Knowing what an enormous undertaking the planning of such a large event is, third grade students in Ms. Frederickson's class decided they wanted to help.  As a class, they developed empathy for Mr. Woodland, who was planning the event, and created a deisgn challenge for themselves to help him.

They decided that the best way they could help was to design a way to arrange the seating in the cafeteria for the large number of spectators.  They used their recently-acquired understanding of multiplication and arrays to design the layout for eighty-one chairs and five risers that were availabe to them.  After creating their prototypes on graph paper, they presented their ideas to Mr. Woodland, who provided feedback to them so they could reiterate their designs.  Some students, after finishing their designs for the cafeteria, used their understanding of measurement and multiplication to design the layout for the 14 tables that would be placed in the gym!

What a great example of using the skills acquired in school, coupled with the Design Thinkin Process, to solve real world problems.  Thank you third grade!