Thank You to the Hour of Code Volunteers!

December 8-12 was Hour of Code Week at Alpine Elementary. Students, teachers and parents were coding all week long. It was a fantastic event. However, I want to give credit where credit is due. If it were not for our outstanding team of volunteers, we never could have pulled this off!  Volunteers did a little of everything. They helped students log on, got kids to and from the Coding Lab, problem-solved with students when the coding got tricky, and kept everyone entertained when the system overloaded. We often talk about how great an event was, or share highlights from a wonderful programming opportunity, but we don't talk often enough about how we got there. So this is my special shout of thanks to the Hour of Code Volunteers! 

I want to highlight the work of one volunteer in particular- Mandy Blumreich. Mandy is a programmer, and her company - Salesforce - donated over 40 volunteer hours to our school for the Hour of Code.  She helped organize the event, plan the lessons, and recruit other volunteers. In addition, she supported students and teachers in learning about coding, and was an all around cheerleader for the event. I can safely say this event would not have been the success it was without her support!

Thanks to Mandy and all the Hour of Code Volunteers. Alpine staff and students appreciate you!