Teachers Work Hard this Summer

Stem School

This summer teachers were working hard redesigning Units of Inquiry in order to integrate both STEM and IB practices and guiding principles into our units.  Teachers spent well over 300 hours collaborating on ways to improve the learning that occurs here in our school!  Check out the unit ideas below that teachers worked on this summer.

In preschool Ms. Nicole, Ms. Debbie and Ms Kathy worked on the units How We Work Together, Money and Trees.  Kinder teachers Ms. Criswell, Ms. Lennert and Ms. Etherington made changes to Rules and Responsibilities, Field to Table and The Sun.  Ms. Szech, Ms. Pollock and Ms. Ranweiler revised Communication, Jobs and The Past for first grade.  In second grade, Healthy Choices, Maps, and Weather Watchers were redesigned by Ms. Anderson, Ms. Daley and Ms. Stolken.  The third grade team, Mr. Radtke, Ms. Lopez and Ms. Adler collaborated on Trade and Money, Cycles and Culture.  Ms. Cavallero in fourth grade tackled Societal Decision Making and Human Migration.  Finally fifth grade teachers Ms. Hinerman (Penfold) and (the other) Ms. Anderson redesigned Mixtures and Solutions. We are excited to see their hard work come alive in the classroom this school year! In addition, our specials teachers, Mr. Wise, Ms. Eckert and Ms. Tatham worked hard this summer to improve the teaching and learning cycles in their classrooms to better meet the needs of our students. I would like to extend a giant thank you to our entire staff for their continued dedication and support to students learning in the 21st Century!