International Telementoring Program

by Anna Mills


Developing Experiments to Answer Questions about Nutrition

Students in Marnie Steele's 7th grade Honors Science class have been exercising their scientific minds when it comes to understanding th

8th Graders Focus on Their Future

8th graders at Timberline PK-8 are working on a year-long College and Career Readiness project.  With the help of our Race to the Top counselor and the College in Colorado website, students have explored their interests, hobbies, talents, and how those match particular career fields.  The 8th graders will develop a plan of study to accomplish their career goals, including a list of courses they will complete in high school.  Along the way, students will receive help and advice from professionals around the world through a telementoring program.

Students Become Stewards of the Earth in Real Science Class

Imagine a world without clean water, trees and wildlife. The picture is bleak at best. Unless natural resources are used wisely, this could be the world of the future—but  not if the 8th-grade students in Jason Helmus’ science class at Westview Middle School in Longmont, Colorado have their say. Learn More Helmus_2013 (2).pdf