3rd Graders Make Robots

Timberline's 3rd graders had their first experience with robots in February using Cubelets from a local company, Modular Robotics. Students learned the definition of a robot and combined cubes that either sense or act to make robots such as "The Scaredy Bot", a robot designed to back away from anyone or anything that comes too close.  This introductory lesson got the 3rd graders very excited about the Timberline elementary robotics club starting this week.  

Kinder Students Investigate Cubelets

Kindergarten students are expanding their practice of gathering information with their senses by using Cubelets.

Lit Lab Interactive Bulletin Board

The Lit Lab at Indian Peaks has been looking for ways to incorporate engaging writing activities into their daily work.  Students and teachers hung an interactive bulletin board in the hallway to encourage students, parents, and families to document their "I Wonder..."  Participants fill out a small form and drop it in the drop-box (a Kleenex box stapled to the wall).  Lit lab students choose a topic of their choice to research and answer via Chromebooks.

1st Grade: Exploring Digital Publishing Tools

1st Graders learned what it meant to digitally publish writing in the Computer Lab.

2nd Grade - All About Me Posters

Parent STEM night: Sparkfun! LogicBlocks

Parents at Fall River Elementary got to preview what their students will be doing with materials from Sparkfun

Westview 6th Grade PBL Technology Class

At Westview, all 6th grade students spend the year in a project-based technology class.

6th Grade Language Arts at Westview

Westview is blessed to have all six of our Language Arts classrooms equipped with classroom sets of Google Chromebooks.  The following

STEM Professional Development at Fall River

Teachers at Fall River continue to participate in STEM professional development.

What are STEM Electives??

Because of its STEM focus, Trail Ridge decided to institute a block of STEM electives in the middle of each day for students to explore the different aspects of STEM education and STEM careers. Classes vary in intensity, focus, and skill development, but all emphasize 21st century skills, STEM discipline integration, and innovative thinking to expand students' understanding.