Student Leadership Team

Creating 3D Models

During the month of October, students in 1st through 5th grades learned how to create 3D models with the program SketchUp.

Cubelets Class

In Alpine's Cubelets class, students in kindergarten-2nd grade design and create modular robots that can think, sense and act.

September - Another STEM year begins!

Our second year of STEM integration at Northridge Elementary began in much the same way as our first.  We had an enormous amount of technology flow into our building, and most of my month was spent getting Chromebooks and iPad Minis configured and distributed to classrooms. Teachers were eager to receive this new technology, and wasted no time getting it into the hands of their students to enhance their learning. In each classroom, students could be seen using iPads and Chromebooks to read, research, create, and explore.

Intro to Vex Robotics Class

In our Intro to Vex Robotics Class, students are working collaboratively to build robots.

Looking Up Close: Digital Microscopes

In the month of September, each classroom explored the world around them with our new digital microscopes.

Back To School

The students and teachers of Rocky Mountain Elementary are excited for a new school year. The first thing parents and teachers saw as they entered the school was a brand new television displaying STEM projects. Awaiting the students in their classroom was a plethora of new technology. Students were immediately enamored with the new iPads and Chromebooks. Already in art class, students are taking pictures of themself and recrating their portrait on paper.

Tech Fair and Fall River Students

Nick C. and Stephen S. shared their projects at the Tech Fair sponsored by the Education Foundation for the St.

STEM and Physical Education

Students in Mr. Hoople's Physical Education class are participants in a human model of the circulatory system.  Mr.

Indian Peaks Technology PST

During an initial Late Start professional development time around technology, several professionals expressed interest in further study.&nbs