Tech Fair

Northridge goes to the Tech Fair

Saturday April 19 brought 5 Northridge Elementary student projects and 10 students to the Tech Fair held at Skyline High School.  Fifth

Columbine STEM Stands Out at the Tech Fair

The 2014 Tech Fair was a big success for Columbine Elementary STEM.  Students presented their work from STEM Leadership and MESA projects that included the topics: bullying, geology, affects of oil pollution on animals, Mars exploration, and communities.  Columbine students received two "Big Byte" recognition awards for their excellent presentations and important topics.  In addition, Azias received a scholarship to SVVSD and IBM's Innovation Academy for a Smarter Planet for his enthusiasm and in depth knowledge in his presentations.

Timberline PK-8 Shines at the Tech Fair

Seven teams from Timberline PK-8 participated in the SVVSD Tech Fair held on Saturday April 19 at Skyline High School.  Congratulations to the three teams that received special recognition from the judges and earned "Big Byte" trophies for our school.

Best Prototype (middle school category):  Joshua B., Max G., Hunter S., and A'ishah F. Best Prototype (elementary category):  Joel H., Sherlyn G., and Frankie G. Most Marketable (middle school category):  Molly C., Anthony B., and David V.