Student Leadership

STEM Student Leadership

STEM student leadership at Fall River is in its second year.

STEM Student Leadership Board

Alpine IB-STEM Leadership Team Meets

Alpine Elementary’s IB-STEM Student Leadership team met this past Wednesday with Mrs. Marsolek and Mr. Reitzig in the STEM Design Lab.  The team, which includes 25 students from 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, reviewed what they had learned about IB and STEM, then discussed what it means to be a leader for a school and community and how to effect positive change through this leadership.

STEM Lab Agreements

STEM Leadership members met and created the final draft of our school's STEM Lab Agreements. They reviewed all of the problems and solutions developed by each class during their STEM Lab Tour and created a list of the top six rules that will help us ensure the STEM Lab is respected and always full of materials.

Columbine STEM Leadership

At Columbine we have formed a STEM Leadership Team of 3rd-5th Graders. These students will help make STEM decisions for our school and will be representatives for Columbine at the district STEM Student Advisory Board Meetings this year.  


3rd Grade:
Mrs. Dobson's Class: Azais 
Mrs. Ferguson's Class: Free
Mrs. Giles' Class: Lizet

4th Grade:
Mr. Grandprey's Class: Sierra
Mrs. Miller's Class: Carl

STEM/Design Student Leadership Group

Fifteen students in third through fifth grades have been chosen to work together in our first Fall River STEM/Design Student Leadership group. This group will help gather information about what students are interested in related to STEM/Design Thinking, share information with the whole school, and work on designing school-wide displays and STEM/Design Thinking projects.   Two students from this group were able to attend the first St. Vrain Valley School District STEM Leadership Meeting on November 19th at Trail Ridge Middle School.