Student Advisory Board

STEM Leadership: T'ai Chi with Robots & Popsicle Stick Towers

Can you mimic a robot doing T'ai Chi? Kayla got the chance to practice her T'ai Chi skills with the Nao robot at the February STEM Student Advisory Board meeting at the Innovation Center. During the other half of the visit to Skyline High School, all three 5th Grade representatives had winning popsicle towers in the design challenge. Alyssa's group built the tallest, Jillian's held the most weight, and Kayla's had the best combination of weight and height.

IB-STEM Student Leaders Trip

On Friday, February 7th, three of our IB-STEM Student Leaders went on a field trip to meet with student leaders from other schools as well as to learn about the STEM program at Skyline High School and to have a tour of the new Innovation Center.  While at Skyline, they were welcomed by Heidi Ringer, the principal, got a nice tour from seniors, then participated in an engineering design challenge.  For this challenged, they worked with students from other schools to design and build a structure that was the highest as well as could hold the most weight.

Alpine IB-STEM Leadership Team Meets

Alpine Elementary’s IB-STEM Student Leadership team met this past Wednesday with Mrs. Marsolek and Mr. Reitzig in the STEM Design Lab.  The team, which includes 25 students from 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, reviewed what they had learned about IB and STEM, then discussed what it means to be a leader for a school and community and how to effect positive change through this leadership.

STEM Student Advisory Board

On November 19th St. Vrain Valley Schools held the first STEM Student Advisory Board Meeting at Trail Ridge Middle School. Student representatives from Alpine, Columbine, Fall RIver, Indian Peaks, Northridge, Rocky Mountain, Skyline, Timberline, Trail Ridge all gathered to share their STEM experiences and learn from one another. Facilitated by high school students from Skyline, the student board members received a tour of Trail Ridge and had time to ask questions of each other and learn more about STEM in St. Vrain.

STEM Student Leadership Team

Timberline's STEM Student Leadership Team had its first meeting on November 6. The team consists of 2 representatives from each grade level in 3rd through 8th grades. During the meeting, the students came up with working norms for the group, defined what STEM means at Timberline PK-8