Students Aid Food Banks

At Alpine Elementary IB World School, the International Baccalaureate program that we embrace expects students of all ages to take action to

Being a "STEM Teacher"

As schools in our district increasingly see the importance of STEM integration, we begin to look more closely at what it means to be a “STEM Teacher”.  Taking the philosophy of STEM and turning into the practice of STEM is no small feat.  Here at Alpine, our teachers take this task seriously, working hard to learn, implement and integrate STEM practices into our daily learnings.  Recently, teachers spent time developing their understanding and efficacy in using STEM practices.  We focused on the following practices and how we might incorpor

Vex IQ Robotics Tournament

Students at Alpine Elementary School hosted a VEX IQ Robotics Tournament. We had 30 teams with over 100 students participate.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Skyline High School Students Attend AAS STEM-SCAPE Conference

The Rocky Mountain section of the American Astronautical Society, together with Lockheed Martin and a Race To The Top grant from the US Department of Education, made it possible for 15 Skyline High School students to learn more about the field of Aerospace Engineering and Student Career Arcs to Professional Engineers (SCAPE). The event took place at Beaver Run Conference Center in Breckenridge, CO, and was part of the 38th annual AAS GN&C conference (

STEM Parent Night

Right before the winter break, the parent involvement team at Rocky Mountain Elementary collaborated around the idea of bringing parents together to witness STEM learning with their children. The result was STEM night.

4th Grade Walks to Pluto

Students in Mrs. Carmichael's fourth grade class worked on walking a scale model of the solar system.

Water As Clean As the USA’s Toilets

As we all know, water quality around the world is an important issue.

Alpine Elementary Hosts Robotics Tournament

On Saturday, January 24th, Alpine Elementary will host a Vex IQ Robotics Tournament. This year's challenge for tournaments, put forth by VEX robotics, is called HighRise. In the Teamwork Challenge, students are tasked with scoring points on the playing field through their alliance with another team. Each match is 60 seconds long. In addition to the Teamwork Challenge, teams can also participate in the Robot Skills Challenge, where individual robots take to the field to score as many points as possible under driver control.

Hot Air Balloons!

Freshmen students at Skyline High School were tasked with creating a device that could take aerial observations of the school.