There is No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Just Bad Clothes

Kinder Anemometers

Kindergarteners in Mrs. Castro's class have been exploring the weather in the month of February.

5th Grade Digging Deeper with Technology

In an effort to use technology in a more effective, impactful way, 5th graders in Mrs.

CU TEAMS - Spaghetti Bridges

The CU TEAMS Club at Northridge started back up after the holidays with an exciting challenge.

January 2015 - Robotics

Students at Northridge received an exciting treat to start off the New Year. It came in the form of an invitation to the very first Robotics Club meeting at their school. A total of 10 fourth and fifth graders were selected to participate in the club, which meets every Thursday afternoon in Northridge's STEM Lab. The students were introduced to VEX Robots during their first meeting. VEX is a company that allows students to work in teams to build robots and compete in challenges in a race against the clock.

MBSA Students Visit CSU Biomedical Engineering Program

On February 25th, Longmont High School's Medical & BioScience Academy (MBSA) students visited the Biomedical Engineering Program at Colorado State University. During their visit, they toured the newly-constructed Bioengineering Building, designed and built a prototype for a prosthetic foot, and learned more about the field of biomedical engineering from Dr. Kevin Lear, Director of the Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Program.

Underwater Robotics Takes a Dive at Timberline PK-8

Mr. Sutyak is offering a new STEM elective this semester thanks to SeaPerch kits purchased using funds from the Race to the Top Grant.

Important People in Second Grade

As 2nd graders explore the International Baccaluareate theme, "Where We Are in Place and Time", they focus on the study of re

CU TEAMS at Fall River

After several years of working with CU TEAMS, Fall River is happy to expand its work with this engineering education outreach program.

Fall River Robotics

In collaboration with Community Schools and a Race to the Top grant from the U.S.