First Grade Design Challenge: Trimester Two

Students learned about the different states of matter and the unique properties that distinguish solids and liquids.

Timberline PK-8 in the News

Timberline PK-8's first year was highlighted in an article in The Longmont Times-Call on May 5, 2014. The story also included recent changes that will allow the school to offer even more STEM opportunities for students starting next year.

Tech Fair and Fall River Students

Nick C. and Stephen S. shared their projects at the Tech Fair sponsored by the Education Foundation for the St.

Second Grade Design Challenge: Trimester 2

In this unit of study, students identified what animals need to survive, and what happens when they do not have what they need.  They l

Third Grade Design Challenge: Trimester 2

In third grade, students were learning about how the earth’s materials can be broken down or combined.  Students learned about ro

Fourth Grade Design Challenge: Trimester 2

In fourth grade, students studied energy, specifically, understanding that energy exists in various forms and its transformation and conserv

Fifth Grade Design Challenge: Trimester 2

Humans body systems don’t always function correctly.

Northridge celebrates its first annual STEM Expo

Thursday, April 24 we invited families and the community to come and share in our learning.  We displayed standards-based design thinking challenges.  Students presented their problems, and their solutions, to anyone and everyone who would stop by and listen.  Following student presentations, families gathered in the gym to explore Engineering Stations.  Students engaged in coding and robotics, building and designing, and even created a few fun games to take home.  It was great fun, great learning and a great turnout.

Outdoor Science Field trip

Last week the fourth grade students of Rocky Mountain Elementary braved the elements in the name of science. 

STEM and Physical Education

Students in Mr. Hoople's Physical Education class are participants in a human model of the circulatory system.  Mr.