John Couch speaks to Denver Area School Superintendents Council

John Couch, the Vice President of Education at Apple, visited the Denver Area School Superintendents Council and other local educators at Xilinx last week. After a thoughtful and relevant introduction discussing technology in education from Dr. Don Haddad, Superintendent of St Vrain Valley Schools, Mr. Couch began his presentation entitled: "New Dimensions in Learning: Changing the Student Learning Experience". Mr.

Student Leadership Team

Students Leaders at Work

October brought lots of work in our student leadership groups. The Energy Ninja Team is a 4th grade group of students who are helping us create a an energy savings pilot program for the district. We are working on ways students, staff and parents can become more aware of how the energy we use affects our school, and then take action to make positive change. A group of students in grades 3rd-5th are also working on identifying areas for improvement in our school.

Beam Design

Sophomores in Structural Design spent time researching truss designs and joints.

Sail the Ocean Blue

This Columbus day, the kindergarteners of Rocky Mountain Elementary discovered what it meant to sail by wind power.

September - Another STEM year begins!

Our second year of STEM integration at Northridge Elementary began in much the same way as our first.  We had an enormous amount of technology flow into our building, and most of my month was spent getting Chromebooks and iPad Minis configured and distributed to classrooms. Teachers were eager to receive this new technology, and wasted no time getting it into the hands of their students to enhance their learning. In each classroom, students could be seen using iPads and Chromebooks to read, research, create, and explore.

Anatomy in Clay

Anatomy in Clay is all about opening our students’ eyes to how amazing our bodies truly are.  “How can all of this stuff fit in here?” is a question I have been asked often during this fall quarter. These organs don't just fit; most perform their functions without us even thinking about what they are doing. 


Intro to Vex Robotics Class

In our Intro to Vex Robotics Class, students are working collaboratively to build robots.

Creative Engineering Students: Egg Drop

Skyline STEM students started the school year off with a mini design challenge.

Future Crime Scene Investigators at Timberline Solve a Case

"Crime Scene Investigation" is a new STEM elective course being offered to 6th through 8th graders at Timberline PK-8 this year.