MBSA Application for Fall 2014

To apply for admissions to the MBSA program starting fall 2014, please complete the application and return it to the Longmont High School Counseling Office. Be sure to include a copy of your most recent transcript. We will be accepting students in a rolling admission basis.

Kindergarten: A Raft for Tito the Ladybug

Kindergarteners spent January learning about objects that sink and float.

January TOP 5 Resource & Link List

This is the first installment of my monthly Top 5 Resources and Links. I am lucky to come across some wonderful teaching tools and I hope this monthly TOP 5 can be put to good use. I will list the links with some personal notes and appropriate grade levels. This list will be displayed on the District Science & STEM sites. If you run across a site that you would like to share, please send it my way and I will try to get it on the TOP 5 List.  New York CIty Water Education - Great for 4th to 12th grades....

Kindergarteners Exploring Movement

During the month of November, kindergarteners at Columbine explored and described how objects move differently.

Kindergarten Design Challenge-Trimester 1

Kindergarten students were engaged in a unit of study about animals.  Students recognized that organisms can be described and sorted by

Fifth Grade Design Challenge-Trimester 1

Fifth grade students worked on a challenge to design a transport system to get supplies to Lyon’s during and following the Colorado fl

Students Become Stewards of the Earth in Real Science Class

Imagine a world without clean water, trees and wildlife. The picture is bleak at best. Unless natural resources are used wisely, this could be the world of the future—but  not if the 8th-grade students in Jason Helmus’ science class at Westview Middle School in Longmont, Colorado have their say. Learn More Helmus_2013 (2).pdf

Project Based Learning in 6th Grade Science

In a 6th grade science unit on natural resources, students are focusing on the guiding question, "How should we sustain ourselves?&quot

2nd Grade Weather Design Challenge

The second graders were given a problem: How might someone that has an office with absolutely no windows to the outside be able to determine

3rd Grade Invented Animals & Life Cycles

During the months of September and October, Columbine's 3rd Graders studied Life Cycles!