7th Graders Design a Protective Pill Coating

As part of their unit on human body systems, 7th graders at Timberline PK-8 designed a protective coating for a pill that must pass through

Timberline PK-8 Partners with CU College of Engineering

University of Colorado College of Engineering students have partnered with Timberline's 4th-8th grade science teachers to bring engineering activities into the classroom and to expose students to the opportunities and careers available with an engineering degree. Most recently, the engineering fellow paired with our 6th grade classrooms was able to integrate science, engineering, and math in a mining activity to demonstrate how our natural resources get depleted.

Looking Up Close: Digital Microscopes

In the month of September, each classroom explored the world around them with our new digital microscopes.

A Busy & Successful Summer at Columbine!

Here at Columbine we had more than 110 students participate in our summer STEM program! Students entering 1st through 5th grades focused their summer on exploring the features of underground habitats, the movement and interactions of light, and the components and structure of our solar system.

STEM Enrichment

During Summer School at Rocky Mountain Elementary, students could be found reading, writing, conducting science experiments, or designing Ru

STEM Summer School Off to a Great Start

The first day of STEM summer school on June 16, 2014 was a big success at Timberline PK-8.  Students explored what the study of science includes and created visualizations of their learning. They participated in team-building design challenges, such as creating the tallest spaghetti and marshmallow tower and cup stacking using a device made of only 4 pieces of string and a rubberband.

Kindergarten Design Challenge: Trimester 2

Kindergartners investigated and communicated the effects of varying heat and light on the growth of plants through scientific study.  T

AAACO Works with Timberline 8th Graders

Peter Sutyak, a 6th through 8th grade STEM teacher, collaborated with the Antique Airplane Association of Colorado to develop an Engine

First Grade Design Challenge: Trimester Two

Students learned about the different states of matter and the unique properties that distinguish solids and liquids.

Second Grade Design Challenge: Trimester 2

In this unit of study, students identified what animals need to survive, and what happens when they do not have what they need.  They l