Rethinking Assessment at Timberline

In Mr. Thesenga's 8th grade physics class, students experienced a new way of being assessed. Instead of walking in and being handed a paper and pencil or a computer to log into, they took their seats at independent lab stations. Each station had every tool and material they had used throughout their unit on density. Students were then given a task to complete, which only required some of the tools and materials. The performance task truly showed whether or not students had mastered the concepts addressed during their regular science lab sessions.

7th Graders Design Prosthetics

As part of their human body unit in science, 7th graders at Timberline learned about biomedical engineers and used empathy for tho

6th Graders Design Wind Turbines

As part of their natural resources unit, students have researched the latest technology and designs being used to harness wind energy.

2nd Graders enhance their learning with Technology

The second grade students of Rocky Mountain learned a valuable lesson this week: learning can be enhanced by technology.

The set up was simple: make a parachute using string, stickers, a napkin and a paper clip. The students constructed their parachute in a uniform fashion. They went outside on a chilly fall morning to test out their project and learn about air resistance.

Tired of hazardous conditions related to winter?

Well the students at Rocky Mountain have a product for you!

Pumpkins - How far can they go?

Students in 3rd - 5th grade at Timberline recently had a design challenge in their Science STEM Classes.

How can a Monarch Butterfly survive in Colorado during the Winter?

5th Grade- Designing for Landform Changes

5th Graders at Columbine recently completed their first unit of study on landforms and the impacts they have on the world around us.

Time Spent with Wild Birds in Paradise

Barr Lake Field Trip for Second Grade Indian Peaks was like spending time in a "Bird's Paradise."

Timberline Students Kick Off a National Conference

Timberline PK-8 was proud to host the "Real World, Right Now - The next generation of middle level education" Symposium on Thursday, October 9, 2014, hosted by St Vrain Valley Schools, The Colorado Association of Middle Level Education, and The National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform. Our students kicked off the event with demonstrations of our Kindergarten through 8th grade VEX and Cubelets robotics programs, Scalable Game Design class, Solid Works 3D printing class, and recent science and math projects.