“Create things you wish existed” -Ashley K, 6th Grader

Kindergarten: Exploring Why Objects Sink or Float

In Kindergarten, students spend a lot of their time learning about how the world around them works.

Climate: The Hot Topic

Through the Race to the Top grant and the Department of Education, Anna Mills (6th grade Science teacher) designed a STEM pro

Human Body Models in Motion!

5th graders at Indian Peaks have been gathering research around human body systems through books and online resources.

Water As Clean As the USA’s Toilets

As we all know, water quality around the world is an important issue.

Exploring the World’s Phenomena with Scientists

Exploring the World’s Phenomena with Scientists

January 14, 2015

By Anna Mills

E-textiles at iPeaks

Indian Peaks students tried their hand at sewing and electronics with SparkFun's

3rd Grade: Designing a Life Cycle

3rd Grade's first STEM Unit of the year focused on life cycles.

7th Grade Assessment Helps 5th Graders

Students in Ms. Clark's 7th grade life science class were given a new kind of assessment for their human body systems unit.

Physics Class Designs a Method to Separate a Mixture

In 8th grade science class, students were given a mixture of sand, sugar, copper, and iron filings and asked to design a way to separate all