STEM Saturday at Indian Peaks

Skyline Robotics Club competes in Rocky Mountain BEST

     This fall, the Skyline High School Robotics Club competed in Rocky Mountain BEST’s Blade Runner Competit

Timberline Students Kick Off a National Conference

Timberline PK-8 was proud to host the "Real World, Right Now - The next generation of middle level education" Symposium on Thursday, October 9, 2014, hosted by St Vrain Valley Schools, The Colorado Association of Middle Level Education, and The National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform. Our students kicked off the event with demonstrations of our Kindergarten through 8th grade VEX and Cubelets robotics programs, Scalable Game Design class, Solid Works 3D printing class, and recent science and math projects.

Cubelets Class

In Alpine's Cubelets class, students in kindergarten-2nd grade design and create modular robots that can think, sense and act.

New Robotics Clubs Offered from Kindergarten to 8th Grade

 Students at Timberline are excited to extend what they've learned during the school day about computer programming and robotics into the new after school Robotics Clubs! The 6th through 8th grade club has already begun building and testing clawbots to prepare for their first VEX robotics competition.

Intro to Vex Robotics Class

In our Intro to Vex Robotics Class, students are working collaboratively to build robots.

Cubelets Come to 4th Grade

Alpine's 4th grade students and teachers are enjoying a unit using Cubelets.  The unit, collaboratively designed by Christie Veitch of Modular Robotics and Axel Reitzig, Alpine STEM Coordinator, explores the following 4th grade science concepts:  classification, traits and characteristics, adapatations and habitats.  The tool is Cubelets, a distributive robotics system that allows students to physically explore these concepts and apply their knowledge in new, interesting ways.

Kindergarten: Exploring Cubelets

Kindergarteners in Mr. Thurman's class got a chance to explore the world of robotics with Cubelets.

3rd Graders Make Robots

Timberline's 3rd graders had their first experience with robots in February using Cubelets from a local company, Modular Robotics. Students learned the definition of a robot and combined cubes that either sense or act to make robots such as "The Scaredy Bot", a robot designed to back away from anyone or anything that comes too close.  This introductory lesson got the 3rd graders very excited about the Timberline elementary robotics club starting this week.  

Mr. Neiswander's 4th Grade Class Introduced to Robotics

Fourth graders in Mr. Neiswander’s class had an introduction on Wednesday to robotics by exploring and creating with Cubelets.  Sitting on the floor of the STEM Design Lab, students first considered and discussed the question “What is a robot?”, then experimented with making their own using various cubes beginning with a power cube, a knoblet cute, and a bar graph cube.