Project Based Learning

Mirrors to measure height?

8th graders are currently studying similar shapes and proportional reasoning in math class.

The Periodic Table Comes to Life

Walk into the 8th grade science lab at Timberline Pk-8 and you will be surrounded by elements from The Periodic Table.

September 2014- Learning is Everywhere

September means school is fully operational!  New routines have been established, relationships have been formed, and STEM is integrated into our IB learning environment!  Teachers are hosting extra-curricular Engineering Classes, Programming Classes, and Robotics Classes for students in preschool through fifth grade.  We have a great partnership with CU Teams, who is supporting student learning both during the school day and in after-school classes.  The STEM Coordinator is teaching students about STEM, 21st Century Skills, and the Design Thinking Process.

Project Based Learning in 6th Grade Science

In a 6th grade science unit on natural resources, students are focusing on the guiding question, "How should we sustain ourselves?&quot

Westview 6th Grade PBL Technology Class

At Westview, all 6th grade students spend the year in a project-based technology class.