Hour of Code

To celebrate Computer Science Education Week, Rocky Mountatin Elemantary participated in the hour of code. Every student from preschool to fifth grade spent an hour building, designing, and coding. To Find out more about the Hour of Code, check out the Hour of Code website.

Preschoolers learn about Simple Machines

Preschoolers are learning about simple machines. In this enrichment class, students are investigating incline planes and the wheel and

STEM In Preschool!

Preschool is known for its dramatic play, picture books, and creative children.

Alpine Preschoolers Explore Design Thinking

Alpine preschoolers are being introduced to design thinking.  They read the story about the gingerbread man and thought about how it is a challenge to catch him.  They then designed their own gingerbread man traps so that he could be caught and stop causing trouble!  Using design thinking engages students and allows them to be creative problem solvers.  They also have the opportunity to collaborate with other students and learn from one another.