Designing Music from Scratch

Timberline is offering a new STEM class this quarter: Music Exploration. Students in Mr.

Makey Makey’s in Electronics

STEM Olympiad

During the Olympics this past February, students participated in the STEM Olympiad at Rocky Mountain Elementary during their specials time. Events were started by national anthems written and performed by students while wearing sashes and waving flags created in art class.

Pop Bottle Challenge

Alpine 4th graders had the challenge of putting their ears and their creativity to the test.  Groups were given three pop bottles to fill with water.  The pop bottles had to be tuned to exact pitches G (do), E (sol), and D (la).  Students worked collaboratively to adjust the water levels to make the appropriate pitch by using only their ears.  They were physically able to see what a musical step and skip looked like in the containers.  Once students could produce a good tone on the bottles, groups arranged known rhythms to pe