Middle School

Day 08 - Smarter Cities (Middle School)

Today was all about prototyping and feedback andthen some more prototyping and fe

Day 07 - Smarter Communication (Middle School)

Today was a big brainstorming and idea day.

Day 07 - Smarter Cities (Middle School)

Today was a busy day with lots of energy and enthusiasm.  We started off the day with a focus on the define stage – what will the

Day 07 - Smarter Public Safety (Middle School)

Having just set the seeds for their ideas at the end of yesterday, students were ready to continue the design process and start creatin

Day 07 - Smarter Commerce (Middle School)

We started the day with the Balloon Challenge.

Day 07 - Smarter Energy (Middle School)

We just completed day 7 at skyline for the innovation academy.

Day 05 - Smarter Public Safety

Our final day at IBM was a busy one.

Day 05 - Smarter Communications (Middle School)

What a productive last day at IBM! We began by presenting our prototypes and getting feedback.

Day 05 - Smarter Energy (Middle School)

Today was the last day at IBM and we spent the majority of our day working on the design challenge #4.

Day 05 - Smarter Cities (Middle School)

What an amazing week we have had at IBM!  Our final design challenge was to come up with a way for people to survive during and after a