Balance and Motion

      Our Second grade class started to learn about the forces of motion, gravity and balance. Mrs.

Valentine's Day Measuring

During the month of February, many students and teachers like to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  One issue students often face is hav

6th Graders Develop a Playground for Middle Schoolers

How students make music

Kindergartners learned about different shapes in the world and how to count to a beat.

7th Graders Design Engaging Ways to Learn Formulas

First Grade Design Challenge-Trimester 1

First graders were engaged in a unit of study about the community.  Students were learning about different groups of people and how the

Second Grade Design Challenge-Trimester 1

Students were presented with the challenge to design a ship that would be able to carry a predetermined cargo weight.  During a unit of

Third Grade Design Challenge-Trimester 1

Third grade students were involved in a challenge to determine ways to increase interest in reading.  Through the design thinking proce

6th Grade Math: Using Data for Design Thinking

During their math unit on graphing and data analysis, sixth graders surveyed other sixth graders to find out what their biggest problem was

What are STEM Electives??

Because of its STEM focus, Trail Ridge decided to institute a block of STEM electives in the middle of each day for students to explore the different aspects of STEM education and STEM careers. Classes vary in intensity, focus, and skill development, but all emphasize 21st century skills, STEM discipline integration, and innovative thinking to expand students' understanding.