Tis the Season

As visions of sugar plums were dancing through the heads of students just before the holiday break, the 5th grade teachers got together and thought of a Design Challenge of Sugary Delight.

The students had to use their architectural skills to build the tallest and most aesthetically pleasing ginger bread structure possible with their teammates. Before the students could go shopping for supplies, they had to carefully craft a budget to ensure the correct amount of supplies would be purchased. Groups worked together to create a shopping list and a plan for their design.

6th graders Problem-solve Using Equations

Mini-Me's Appear in 7th Grade Math Class

Timberline 7th graders used their knowledge of fractions and ratios to design a scale model of themselves.

Sidewalk Chalk!

by Rebekah Cook


Timberline Students Kick Off a National Conference

Timberline PK-8 was proud to host the "Real World, Right Now - The next generation of middle level education" Symposium on Thursday, October 9, 2014, hosted by St Vrain Valley Schools, The Colorado Association of Middle Level Education, and The National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform. Our students kicked off the event with demonstrations of our Kindergarten through 8th grade VEX and Cubelets robotics programs, Scalable Game Design class, Solid Works 3D printing class, and recent science and math projects.

7th Graders Design a Protective Pill Coating

As part of their unit on human body systems, 7th graders at Timberline PK-8 designed a protective coating for a pill that must pass through

Timberline PK-8 Partners with CU College of Engineering

University of Colorado College of Engineering students have partnered with Timberline's 4th-8th grade science teachers to bring engineering activities into the classroom and to expose students to the opportunities and careers available with an engineering degree. Most recently, the engineering fellow paired with our 6th grade classrooms was able to integrate science, engineering, and math in a mining activity to demonstrate how our natural resources get depleted.

Number Properties have Super Powers

6th graders learned about basic number properties, such as the Identity Property and the Zero Property, during their "Expressions and E

What Makes a Triangle Right?

In 8th grade math class, students were hard at work creating perfect squares of varying sizes and calculating the area of each.