Cubism in Math

Mirrors to measure height?

8th graders are currently studying similar shapes and proportional reasoning in math class.

Equations Equal Success in Middle School

Being in middle school is tough. With so many new classes, supplies, books, and lockers, staying organized can be a problem.

"How We Learn Best" Design Challenge

This year in 6th grade students at Timberline spent their first math unit focusing on different study methods to learn about fractions.

STEM Summer School a Huge Success

Math and science content were a major focus for this year's summer school sessions at Timberline PK-8.  The content was taught through literacy instruction, technology integration, and the design process.

6th-8th Grade Math Classes Start the Year with Design Challenges

The entire math department kicked off the 2015-2016 school year with a week of design challenges for their classes in order to establis

Basketball Math

Design Thinking as a Math Intervention?

Mrs. Aguirre has been intrigued with the Design Thinking process since she was trained in it last year.

Exponential Growth and Longmont

The original purpose of this redesigned plan was to show students how to use exponential data to make changes to a growing community.

Plinko Probability

The Algebra 2 students at Skyline were presented with an unorthodox challenge.