Kindergarten: Exploring Why Objects Sink or Float

In Kindergarten, students spend a lot of their time learning about how the world around them works.

Kindergarten: Discovering Who We Are STEM Unit

Kindergarten's first STEM unit of 2015 focused on learning all about who we are physically, socially, and emotionally. To explore w

Learning More About Robotics

One of the most significant advantages to having a Race to the Top Grant from the Department of Education is that our students are able to e

Kindergarten: Learning to be Engineers

Kindergarteners have been learning what it means to be an engineer.

Hour of Code

To celebrate Computer Science Education Week, Rocky Mountatin Elemantary participated in the hour of code. Every student from preschool to fifth grade spent an hour building, designing, and coding. To Find out more about the Hour of Code, check out the Hour of Code website.

Kinder Coders

Kindergarten teacher Mrs.

Sail the Ocean Blue

This Columbus day, the kindergarteners of Rocky Mountain Elementary discovered what it meant to sail by wind power.

Kindergarten: Exploring Cubelets

Kindergarteners in Mr. Thurman's class got a chance to explore the world of robotics with Cubelets.

Kinder Students Investigate Cubelets

Kindergarten students are expanding their practice of gathering information with their senses by using Cubelets.

How students make music

Kindergartners learned about different shapes in the world and how to count to a beat.