R.O.A.R. Design Challenge - Robotics Style!

Third graders are ideating ways to solve their question, "How might we create a demonstration of R.O.A.R.

Student-Generated Learning Through Genius Hour

"How does a computer work on the inside?"  "Why does my foot fall asleep?" "I want to know more about cancer b

Teachers Utilize RAFT Resources to Enhance Curriculum

To introduce and support the new makerspace at Indian Peaks (the iPeaks iLab), teachers are piloting RAFT (Resource Area for Teachers) lesso

Robotics Tournament at Fall River

In late January, Fall River Elementary hosted its first Fox Rocks Vex IQ Challenge robotics tournament. 26 teams from the St.

Tis the Season

As visions of sugar plums were dancing through the heads of students just before the holiday break, the 5th grade teachers got together and thought of a Design Challenge of Sugary Delight.

The students had to use their architectural skills to build the tallest and most aesthetically pleasing ginger bread structure possible with their teammates. Before the students could go shopping for supplies, they had to carefully craft a budget to ensure the correct amount of supplies would be purchased. Groups worked together to create a shopping list and a plan for their design.

Fall River Teachers Create and Teach STEM Units

How can a Monarch Butterfly survive in Colorado during the Winter?

Lit Lab Interactive Bulletin Board

The Lit Lab at Indian Peaks has been looking for ways to incorporate engaging writing activities into their daily work.  Students and teachers hung an interactive bulletin board in the hallway to encourage students, parents, and families to document their "I Wonder..."  Participants fill out a small form and drop it in the drop-box (a Kleenex box stapled to the wall).  Lit lab students choose a topic of their choice to research and answer via Chromebooks.

STEM In Preschool!

Preschool is known for its dramatic play, picture books, and creative children.