Innovation Academy

Innovation Academy 2015 a great success!

Innovation Academy 2015 marks the 5th year of the academy’s existence. Innovation Academy started as a brainstorm between SVVSD and IBM, where we invite students to innovate alongside professional engineers in an engaging, free-thinking environment. As the program developed, and the foundations of our inquiry-based instruction strengthened, we began seeing amazing shifts in students’ thinking, dispositions, and creations, and heard more and more students asking ‘why can’t school be more like this’?

Day 08 - Smarter Communication (Middle School)

An extremely productive day of prototyping and refining. We began by doing a building design challenge that supports weight.

Day 08 - Smarter Public Safety (Middle School)

Students began today with about a half hour to work on prototypes before a full feedback session.

Day 08 - Smarter Commerce (Middle School)

We started the day with a film clip from Apollo 13: showing how Ground Control had to make a carbon dioxide mitigation tool for the Apollo c

Day 08 - Smarter Cities (Middle School)

Today was all about prototyping and feedback andthen some more prototyping and fe

Day 07 - Smarter Communication (Middle School)

Today was a big brainstorming and idea day.

Day 07 - Smarter Public Safety (Middle School)

Having just set the seeds for their ideas at the end of yesterday, students were ready to continue the design process and start creatin

Day 07 - Smarter Commerce (Middle School)

We started the day with the Balloon Challenge.

Day 07 - Smarter Energy (Middle School)

We just completed day 7 at skyline for the innovation academy.

2014 Innovation Academy Video - Elementary

What a great two weeks of designing, creativity and prototyping. Here is the video of the Innovation Academy 2014 – Elementary. Thanks to everyone for their continued support of this amazing experience for the students of St. Vrain Valley School District.