Day 04 - Smarter Cities (Middle School)

Today’s Smarter Cities focus was on Public Safety (specifically on reducing crime in a high crime neighborhood).  For today&rsquo

Day 09 - Water (Elementary)

We have reached the end of our two week stint at Innovation Academy. We had an amazing time, learned a ton, and collaborated everyday.

Day 09 - Smarter Buildings (Elementary)

Today was our last day of working in our classroom.

Group 2

Day 09 - Smarter Buildings (Elementary)

Today we made posters for exhibition to show every step of the design process in order:  empathy, define, ideate, and prototype.

Day 04 - Smarter Public Safety (Middle School)

Public Safety began our day by finishing our prototypes from the previous day.

Day 04 Smarter Commerce (Elementary)

We had a very cerebral day. First the kids learned some economic concepts such as Supply and Demand and the Circular Flow of the Economy.

Day 09 - Smarter Transportation (Elementary)

We are now at the end of Innovation Academy!

2014 Innovation Academy - Day 09 (Elementary)

As your student inventors continue their journey, they are constantly taking in group feedback and redesigning their prototypes to create the ultimate version. With only two days of work left before the big showcase Friday night, the students are more focused than ever.

Day 03 - Smarter Commerce

This is the day we’ve been waiting for!

Day 03 - Smarter Public Safety

The Smarter Public Safety group began today by putting the finishing touches on their prototypes for creating safer schools.