Colorado Space Grant at Indian Peaks

The IPES MESA after-school club has been fortunate to work with the University of Colorado and the Colorado Space Grant in a 6 week partners

Adobe Brick Challenge with CU TEAMS

CU TEAMS visits Indian Peaks' 5th grade students weekly to engage in engineering design.

What are STEM Electives??

Because of its STEM focus, Trail Ridge decided to institute a block of STEM electives in the middle of each day for students to explore the different aspects of STEM education and STEM careers. Classes vary in intensity, focus, and skill development, but all emphasize 21st century skills, STEM discipline integration, and innovative thinking to expand students' understanding.   

1st Grade: Towers Made from Solids

During the months of October and November, 1st Graders at Columbine explored the properties of solids and liquids through their FOSS Science