What is Prototyping?

Students began their year exploring the STEM Lab and investigating what it means to prototype.

A Busy & Successful Summer at Columbine!

Here at Columbine we had more than 110 students participate in our summer STEM program! Students entering 1st through 5th grades focused their summer on exploring the features of underground habitats, the movement and interactions of light, and the components and structure of our solar system.

CU Teams

Rocky Mountain Elementary has the honor and pleasure to welcome back Wyatt Champion to lead Teams this year. CU Teams is a grant funded program through CU in which doctoral students in their engineering program work with elementary, middle and high school students on STEM projects.  This past week, all students in our 4th and 5th grades were collaborating to build adobe bricks. They learned about the history and practicality of adobe bricks. They then decided to test different compositions of bricks. Students tested out different variables to see which brick was the strongest.

STEM Enrichment

During Summer School at Rocky Mountain Elementary, students could be found reading, writing, conducting science experiments, or designing Ru

AAACO Works with Timberline 8th Graders

Peter Sutyak, a 6th through 8th grade STEM teacher, collaborated with the Antique Airplane Association of Colorado to develop an Engine

2nd Grade: Wind Machines

Second graders recently completed their unit called Air & Weather.

1st Grade: Constructing Walls with Earth Materials

First Graders recently completed their FOSS unit called Pebbles, Sand, and Silt.

2nd Grade: Engineering Week

STEM Olympiad

During the Olympics this past February, students participated in the STEM Olympiad at Rocky Mountain Elementary during their specials time. Events were started by national anthems written and performed by students while wearing sashes and waving flags created in art class.

3rd Grade: Designing Monuments

Third graders spent the month of January studying earth materials.