Engineering Week with Alpine 3rd Graders

Engineers build some of the world’s largest structures, from highways and bridges to dams and airports.

Engineering Week with Alpine 4th Graders

Fourth Graders become MINING/PETROLEUM and AGRICULTURAL Engineers during Engineering Week at Alpine.

CU TEAMS at Fall River

After several years of working with CU TEAMS, Fall River is happy to expand its work with this engineering education outreach program.

Kindergarten: Learning to be Engineers

Kindergarteners have been learning what it means to be an engineer.

CU TEAMS- Water Wheels

4th and 5th grade students have been learning about hydropower and how people have been able to harness this energy as a renewable source.

5th Grade- Designing for Landform Changes

5th Graders at Columbine recently completed their first unit of study on landforms and the impacts they have on the world around us.

Cubelets Class

In Alpine's Cubelets class, students in kindergarten-2nd grade design and create modular robots that can think, sense and act.

CU Teams After School Program

In this class, future Alpine engineers work with engineering students from the University of Colorado Boulder to challenge themselves w

Structural and Civil Engineering

Students use Legos, K’NEX, Keva Planks and Tinker Toys to explore how structures are built to withstand natural disasters and wild wea

Timberline PK-8 Partners with CU College of Engineering

University of Colorado College of Engineering students have partnered with Timberline's 4th-8th grade science teachers to bring engineering activities into the classroom and to expose students to the opportunities and careers available with an engineering degree. Most recently, the engineering fellow paired with our 6th grade classrooms was able to integrate science, engineering, and math in a mining activity to demonstrate how our natural resources get depleted.