Cranes and Seismographs with CU TEAMS

Engineers Share Their Career Journey with 8th Graders

As part of a partnership with CU's Experiential Science Education Research Collaborative (Xsci), Timberline teachers have collaborated with local STEM professionals to develop projects for middle schoolers. 8th graders at Timberline PK-8 are working on a career exploration project. Monthly guest speakers who work in STEM-related fields come to school to talk about different career opportunities and the multiple pathways to attain them. Several of the guests have opted to return on other days to help students work on their projects.

Parks, Parks, Parks

Fall River Student Experiences STEM in Action

Third grade student Ryan C. is sharing about his upcoming heart surgery. He is teaching others about the elements of STEM he will be experiencing when he undergoes treatment in February. In the book Ryan is sharing, he points out his favorite page which shows all of the biotechnology and surgical suite machines he will be able to see close up.  "I'm not afraid right now, I'm sort of excited to see all of these things before I go to sleep." Ryan is sharing how science, technology, engineering and math can help people who need complex surgery.  


Family Engineering Night

Timberline PK8 had a fabulous Family Engineering Night. Students were able to show their parents how they are engineers by working with them on some engineering stations. The families received a passport and were able to participate in 8 different stations. They learned about communication through lego building, roller coasters, how different materials make many sounds, creating the longest diving board with dominoes, how nature insipired our technolgoy, how stong are towers, learning about engineering jobs and building arches.

Geotechnical Engineering

Following the floods from the fall of 2013, several dams in the Colorado Front Range either overflowed or gave out completely.

Engineering Week with Alpine Preschoolers

Preschoolers become CIVIL and MANUFACTURING Engineers during Engineering Week at Alpine.

Engineering Week with Alpine Kindergarteners

Kindergarteners became INDUSTRIAL and COMPUTER Engineers during Engineering Week at Alpine.

Engineering Week with Alpine 1st Graders

First Graders became MATERIALS and ARCHITECTURAL Engineers during Engineering Week at Alpine.

Engineering Week with Alpine 2nd Graders

Second Graders became MECHANICAL Engineers during Engineering Week at Alpine. Mechanical Engineers design, build and maintain machines.