Day 03 - Smarter Transportation (Elementary)

Day 03 - Smarter Food (Elementary)

We began and ended today with our Design Challenge 2: design a kitchen appliance for a family to use.

Day 03 - Smarter Water (Elementary)

Day 03 - Smarter Buildings (Elementary)

Day 03 - Smarter Buildings (Elementary)

Today’s design challenge was a favorite so far.

Group 1

Day 02 - Smarter Transportation (Elementary)

Today was an exciting day because it was Field Trip Day!!  We took two field trips around IBM today.

Day 02 - Smarter Buildings (Elementary)

Another day of innovating today!  

Group 2

Day 02 - Smarter Water (Elementary)

We had an amazing and busy day learning, exploring, and building. We kicked off our day with a discussion around proper hydration.

Day 02 - Smarter Food (Elementary)

Our first grade Food group spent the day exploring the IBM facility. We took a field trip to the “World- Famous” IBM cafeteria!